Finding my voice

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Most adults probably don’t listen much to kids.  So I want to change that…

Recently I’ve been hearing negative stories about the environment and wildlife. So I wanted to do something about it.  But it had to be something big to make people listen.  Nobody listens to an 11 year old, but kids believe change is possible and can imagine it happening. But we can’t wait around for someone else to figure it out.  All of us live on this planet, and we all impact it through our actions.  My generation is inheriting a broken world, where a mass extinction is currently taking place. If we don’t help, it will too late for the next generation.  So everyone needs to step up, even an 11 year old.

When I was three I started helping at the local dog sled company where my aunt was a dog sled guide in Breckenridge.  I learned about the dogs and helped socialize the new litters of puppies.  Last year I became an official member of the sled dog crew, and started helping with immunizations and building new dog houses with the yard manager, Sarah Spalla.

I have always wanted to help, but I didn’t know what a kid could do that would touch the hearts of everyone and change their perspective.  My mother is an activist, and she had the idea of creating a project that we could do together.  We will travel to places where scientists, researchers, and activists are working to find solutions for endangered environments and species.  We set up a blog, and an instagram account to document and share what we learn from experts around the world and find ways that kids and adults can help.

I believe we can all be building blocks to a better world for all.  Humans and animals alike.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you will join me on this journey.