A graphic novel about wildlife crimes

The Rosette is a graphic novel co-written by Devon Galpin Clarke and illustrated by Mariana Prieto about a teenage superhero and her snow leopard sidekick, Himalaya.  

You can support a new, young voice in conservation when we launch our Kickstarter campaign May, 6th to fund the production and publishing of The Rosette! We need your help to fund and to spread the word. You can follow the campaign on our instagram account at @endangered_activism and help us spread the word!

The Rosette developed out of Devon's goal to create a conservation conversation with her generation through the medium of graphic novels. The first issue introduces the background of The Rosette. Born in Breckenridge, Colorado with strange birthmark on the back of her neck and the ability to shape shift into animals, she soon discovers that she is part of a prophecy that leads her to parallel universe run by the animal kingdom as a secret service charged with the mission of protecting the animal world from extinction.  Soon she is learning how to control her superpowers is drawn into her first wildlife mystery with Himalaya as her mentor.  

Future issues will follow the story into the countries where Endangered Activism’s research trips have traveled, allowing the graphic novels to dive into different voices and cultures in conservation, and highlight the wildlife around the world to youth audiences.   


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